Mithu\’s CIPR diploma diary

PRs talking to bloggers

Looking forward to reading the second post from PR meets Marketing, guest-written for Tom Pick on how PR practitioners can embrace social media.

I’m still confident there is much to say on the role of influencers in social media to drive forwards relationship building between an organization and stakeholders, although I’m less confident on how the relationship works.

The long-awaited survey will be tweaked and launched very very soon. More to follow on this.


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  1. * Csalomonlee says:

    Hi Mithu – thanks! I’m planning to post the week of August 27. Tom is out next week and gives me more time to formulate my ideas since the initial posting. By the way, I completed your online survey =)

    Good luck with the research,

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 9 months ago

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